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AML walkthrough

The administration of the exchange service has the right to perform an AML check of the assets received from the client. If the funds came from sites related to illegal activities (Dark Market, Dark Service, etc.), these funds are blocked. When conducting an AML check, the exchange office focuses on a detailed analysis of a specific transaction. In the event that a detailed analysis reveals high risk parameters greater than or equal to 50%, or one or more of the following risks: Darkmarket 10%, Dark Service 10%, Scam 10%, Stolen 10%, Mixer 10%, Exchange Fraudulent 10%, Illegal Service 7%, Ransom 1%, Gambling 20%, Sanctions 80%, Enforcement Action 10%, High-Risk P2P Exchange 30%. Payment for these applications is made at a protective rate in accordance with clause rules 2.6. The return of funds for a high-risk transaction is possible in if the exchange service deducts 10% of the amount on the application, as well as the commission for transferring funds to the client. After the client passes the KYC check, the exchange service has the right to make a refund with a 5% fee of the total amount, as well as a transfer fee.