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1. In accordance with international law, the Service adheres to a number of rules and implements a number of procedures aimed at preventing the use of the Service for the purpose of conducting money laundering operations, as well as conducting operations of an illegal nature.
2. To prevent illegal transactions, the Service sets certain requirements for all Applications created by the User:
2.1. The sender and the recipient of the Payment on the Application must be the same person. Transfers in favor of third parties are strictly prohibited using the services of the Service.
2.2 All contact information entered by the User in the Application, as well as other personal data transmitted by the User to the Service, must be up-to-date and completely reliable.
2.3. It is strictly prohibited for a User to create Applications using anonymous proxy servers or any other anonymous Internet connections.
3. If the administration of the Cashbox.exchange service has reasonable suspicions that the user is trying to use the services of the Service for money laundering or for the purpose of conducting any other illegal operations, the administration has the right:
Suspend all current User requests;
Request User identification documents;
The Service can also request a second document to identify the User: a bank statement or utility bill no older than 3 months, which indicates the full name of the User and his actual place of residence, the Service also has the right to request video verification of the client, if there is suspicion of dishonesty of the information provided;
Ask the User to provide any additional information.
4. After verification, the funds will be sent to the sender’s wallet. The funds will be refunded minus the exchange service commission established by the exchange service rules.
5. The service uses an independent anti-money laundering service to verify transactions and addresses.